Dec 1, 2007

Daily update

There are times when I just want to, aaaargg, shouting and jumping around. Things haven't been going well for me lately. To tell the truth things have been going pretty lousy lately. First I’m suck being a grp member; I late to grp discussion, nt contributing any idea or suggestion and being a bitch, cause I doesn’t want to attend it, which is the main problem actually. And, well, as usual screwing up with my so-called best friend who think that I’m stupid enough but he truth (GOD knows)! Next, being warned by the guard for speeding around in coll area. Yaya!! U fucking moron.. Are you blind ? of cos… if nt, u won’t simply warn me and bang my car to stop me. I hate those stupid typical Tarcian who think that they are oh-fucking-gorgeous, walking around the coll like their father’s road. Then, tat day I tot of going to Mr.Chuan’s class (Trying to be a good student, since this is the last sem dy) who noes, my arm had been scratch by a discourteous Tarcian from her file without apologizing to this big mama(me) and left behind a big scratch mark on my arm. I’ve ady born to be ugly and now I am uglier with a pockmark on my arm.

I guess I had developed some unique rituals for warding off this Bad Luck I thought some unseen force was waiting to unleash on me. I had countless little rituals to ward off Bad Luck. Luck doesn’t stand beside me, no matter where am I and what am I doing.

I'm not that type of person to be superstitious, but lately I guess I'm starting to be one. However, it might be too late. I really don't know anymore. I don't know what I believe in anymore. I don't think I'm acting like myself anymore. * snort *

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