Dec 21, 2007

Preparing moi xmas hol in Spore *snort*

Holla !! im going to Spore in 4 hours time
Spending my night packing packing and packing
I guess I am over-excited till I over-packed lotsa things..
Hair-dryer, Clothes, Pajama, Cap, Sun glasses, toothbrush, tidbits …. Etc
Till I cant even zip my luggage…
My mum complained that I brought too many clothes that
I couldn’t and wouldn’t even have the chance to wear it in just few days time
Some more she kept telling me to shop over there
But im superbly broke after I came back from Bangkok *sob*
Bah !! who cares… shop 1st *shop shop shop*
I dowan to end up regretting again..
Since now is the Mega sales season (year end sale)

I told myself tat since I am such a dumpy dump dump
Alwiz dirty up my own clothes either eating, walking nor talking
Bringing the extra clothes along is BETTER
*wink wink*
Tat makes me feel BETTER too

Omg !! I forgot to bring my bra and panties
Argh, this time my toothpaste (Darlie)

Darn, I start missing my baby dy *sob*
I missed the time tat i irritate him
i missed the time tat he looks agitated on me
i missed the time tat he cuddle beside me
i missed the time tat he play with me
*AwWwwww* i miss him so muchie
-10 mins later-
Not missing him nemore, bcos he ate my chewing gums
While im taking moi bath
GrrRRrr * hate him*

My mum kept remind me to buy kitkat for her *duh*
i was like huh? wats the difference btw the msia KITKAT and spore KITKAT
Mum : it taste nicer 1
Me :!@#$%^
Mum : Seriously
Me : ????
Me : Sure o not ?
What-eva, jus buy it for her b4 she asked me to buy something expensive for souvenirs *fuh!*

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