Mar 22, 2009

I'm Yours

Net is soooo freaking tired and exhausted.

There, I said it. I’m tired and exhausted.

The last two days have been about the busiest two days I’ve not been through in a VERY long time and the lack of sleep tonight. Net is no longer the one who stayed at home surfing net, msn-ing, level-ing, downloading PORN *evil grins*


I really, really, really need to rest because i'm too old for such an activity


Let the picture do the talking, shall we ?

This is the picture of us kena con to PUB,
we were suppose to yum cha at ..... *no idea*

but totally not a pub or club cos imma don't like such noisy environment *tats totally not a joke*

ew, first time in my life smiling ?!! *close eyes*

- The End -

Next update will be pictures of Kim Soon, Scarlet night out, and Net working place

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