Mar 12, 2009


If A is success in life then A equals to x+y+z,
work is x; y is play and z is keeping your mouth shut
but i can't shut my fucking mouth
(Yep, emo-ness strikes again)
I cant keep quiet when people bully me
I cant keep quiet when i hate you
I cant just keep quiet when ppl start abusing my job scope
I cant keep quiet when you think i'm lulu~~~

CURSE U !!!!!!!

- End of story -

Today wc pm me in MSN asking me bout the preparation for my BKK trip
then she starts telling me "REFLECTIONS Hotel"
Yep, she read it form Ky's blog
(which i refuse to due to my own stupidness and laziness)
I feeling like banging my head on the wall cause i ady booked another hotel
but i really like the interior in Reflections Hotel
They have different themes for different rooms

(a) Natty Polly

(b) Moody and the Geng
and lotsa more
But Net is too lazy to upload
So if u really wanna see MORE pics
Kindly view PinkPau's and Kyspeaks's blog
i'm not goin to upload anymore cos imma not goin to stay there *sob*

- End of story -

I feel so lost today cos i used da wrong perfume *screw me*
(Yep, i ter-used the one of my birthday gifts)
Those who know me well, they know i hearts Anna Sui's fragrance ONLY
because i belief that
perfumes touch our deepest emotions and reflect our true spirit of the day
What we wear, how we wear it, and where we wear it says everything about us.
A perfume should be as individual as the person who wears it and now

and my next hunting is

Night of Fancy

while my current favourite is
Flight of Fancy

- The end -

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