Mar 5, 2009

Tag tag game in FACEBOOK!

Holla ! I'm back !
Finish watching "The Little Nyonya"
But i dun like the ending -_-lll
However imma still like tat drama very muchie
- End story -

People nowadays were too obsessed with the tag tag game (Photo tagging game)
and here is some cute pictures I would like to share

and we have the south park version

stick man version
Monkey version
Pokemon versionI don't understand why people always tag me under
gossipers or the not so innocent one, but IM NOT
Don't they know i'm the most naive and innocent people in this planet called Earth ?
I know u feel like vomiting but thats the FACT !!

SweeJye said I'm too harsh and evil to tag people , IM NOT *sob*
But seems like i'm really enjoying doing this to people
(Yep, i like doing evil thingy to ppl)
Yes! I wanna spam ur mailbox, newsfeed and etc..boohoo!
Well, apparently i guess i am just too free and bored at work -_-lll

SO people!! kindly tag me under the adorable , the singer or the innocent one
Cos i'm the best person to tag ..boohoo!
Thick skin..

Adios !!!!!


SweeJye said...

Im too free and google my own name and i got stun to see my name in ur blog =.=! thou is a old article but hahaha its funny to see =p

Lynette said...

See, u'r so 'Femes' in mua blog..
U shud thanks me thou ;p