Mar 15, 2009

The inner voice

Seems like my blog is downright uncertain terms of BORINGNESS
My inner voice tells me that I am not self-indulgent enough on this blog,
and that I should post more about myself.
This is immensely problematic, for my life is filled with boringness,
and any more of me would surely mean less of you.
Still, inner voices cannot be fought for long, for they are inner,
so I’ve decided that from today onwards I’ll post a lil bit more about me
(Yep, from A-Z)
Although sometimes I try to keep my life in private mode
But due to the sudden increased traffics in my blog
I decided to reveal a little bit more about moo’s~~ daily lifestyle
esp my daily purchase...(Wokay ?)
This weekend was the most boring in recent memory.
I didn’t go anywhere or do anything although there are 2 bazaars going on this week,
and it seemed as though I spent each hours just waiting for bedtime.
It was unusual for me to just do nothing, NOTHING AT ALL
but it was unusually warm and rainy in this month
and I don’t feel like venturing out in the mud or any shopping complex
cause I’m saving up my money for my Bangkok trip...boohoo
Yippie~ tml imma goin Mist Club to meet up the 13 gorgeous Malaysian DreamGirls.
special thanks to NUFFNANG for the free tickets
U must be wondering why 13, its goin to be 12 lahh~
Well, EASY ! Bcos I include myself in it…
Bua ha ha ha~ I know I’m a perasan sicko
And here is the pictures of my cute lil four feet six cousin sis and me =p

and let's end the post with a camwhore pic of Net the pig

- The end -

Psttt! More pictures coming soon if my mood is GOOD -_-lll

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