Mar 5, 2009

Project Failed !!

"Net on diet project" failed superbly TERUK -_-lll

Net is desperate to be THIN
but Cant Stop myself from overeating

Why when ever i try to diet and eat right i end up failing EVERY time!
so I've come to a conclusion... i can not eat.
Well, even thou my parents also starts to stop me from eating that big portion....

I wanna looks like supermodel with the "S" body shape
36D, 24, 36 (woops, am i too Greedy?!) sound so
SO i reduce it to 32, 24, 34.. teehee

Oh gawd, i just can't resist it THIS, THAT AND EVERYTHIN'.. it's too tempting

(a) HK Yin Yong Bubble Tea
(b) Spicy dumpling ramen
(c) Dumpling soup
(d) Fried dumpling
(e) Mango lou(f) Spicy pork rice

(g) Apartment's chocolate milk shake
(h) Apartment's salmon ...
(i) Apartment's AGLI'E OLIO
(j) Rm 3 Curry fish ball - Crazy i know
(k) Left : Honeydrew bird nest Right: Mango bird nest
(l) Loh Mai Kai
(m) Korea maggie mee
and that day i suddenly feel like eating spaghetti as imma is the biggest Italian fan
then Js brought me to Pasta Mania, Pavillion *Love him*Yep, as you may see from all the pics above
Imma truly a BIG EATER

So be prepare before you try to tackle me.. tee-hee~


I think i shall just register for any dancing class or to work out my ass at GYM


wwh said...

thin wht la... u thin oso no use wan cos u just tahan time become babi oso...same oni.

Lynette said...

Ur tummy also looks like those 4 months pregnant woman lork, u don't have the rights to comment on me..