Mar 8, 2009

Net at Empty House

Yesterday yinnie, jay, wen and me went to Full House
A last minute plan because I kena Ffk-ed by Mr.Teh *curse him*
Sry, Mr.Teh.. Wen said no more next time
Imma not goin out with u nemore >.<

FYI I've not been taking pics for the past 2 weeks due to my fugly hairstyle Luckily my hair is much betta in this couple of days So I just went for a night out with them and look who i saw and i took picture with

(a) Mr.Goofy
(b) Minnie
and wen plan to steal the strawberry
(Yep, im her crime partner)
and do we looks like we're at some art gallery at France ?
do we looks awkward ? I bet so
How to take it normal bcos there are thousands pairs of eyes looking at us
as if we just ran out from Tg.Rambutan
and we're too tired to take picture

and we're too hungry
so we just order a giant hamburger and hotdog

38 Wen with her toilet thingy
and we have a new friend -> Mr Pigeon
Yep, we're still tak habis habis camwhore in the toilet teehee hee

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