Mar 18, 2009

Mafia's Dai Lou Bday !

At last, here are the pictures of Kian's BBQ Partey at PD
This 20 peoples know each other thru's forum
and formed a group called MAFIA
(Yep, a superbly dangerous grp who drive their cars around looking for victim)
Kindly call 999 if u saw any of them except moi
cos i'm jus a passerby who stop by just to take pics and ciao

(Group pic)

and then they start to take those spooky pictures -_-lll
Each time, 2 persons will start missing in action
If this really happens, LINDA will be the first one.. HOHO!!

Seee!! Thats the MAFIA Dai Lou's car
Oh shit~ i forgot to jot down the car plate number *stupiak me*


Okay, yesterday i post a topic in innit about
"What if your boss added you in FACEBOOK"
You will ignore, accept or just reject it ?!

And today Bernard (moi director) asked me whether i have Facebook o not
I was so 'kan cheong' and starts producing those superbly weird noise
uhmm, errr, uhhh and ehh~~
(Yep, superbly annoying noise polution whereby i feel like slapping myself too)
Bernard : Why ?! You worried that i'll view all your nasty photos and comment 99 on it izit ?
Lynette : True!! and thanks for reminding me that i need to start deleting
thousand and thousand PHOTOS
of mine if you really adding me *Hallelu~yah*

What says u ?
Mind sharing your oppinion with this cute lil pie(Me) ?!


OUCH~ i hurt my thumb
Yep, imma very Princess one lorh
When eva Princess starts doin this kind of thingy
Princess will goes Ouch here and there *sweat*
See, now i hurt my finger
and here is new invention

Yep, its all because of
(Hahaha~ so scandalous -_-lll)

The End

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