Feb 1, 2010

Dog's shopping

Hello february
FYI my crazy schedules are killing me.

Luckily I still have time scrambling around shopping for CNY
I know I know,
I've said 'NO' to shopping as my wardrobe is seriously bursting
and Mum had been nagging me endlessly -_-
But tis time its tot-tally unforgivable, as I went shopping for both of my furry-balls
Ain't I'm a good Mummy ?!
Uhm, no answer ?! So I'll take it as 'Yes' ... tee-hee

Picture time :

OMG!!! Spot the variety of fashionable clothes hanging right in front of me ?
I've trouble choosing from a wide range of colors and designs for them but its fun thou..
I spent almost 3 hours in the petshop for 2 freaking days
I bet the lady boss must be cursing me silently inside..

Look what I've choose for Epal, a cute pink Kimono

and reddish Beetle's costume ;p

Uhm, I know.. she doesn't looks happy thou

Nemind, let's see what I've bought for them

Oya, I'm selling off some of my dog's clothes..
Some are totally new though,
do take a look at some of these items they no longer wear
(or can no longer fit).

Cute red hoodie.. bought from Korea

Mickey Mouse's yellow hoodie with bag
Burberry inspired

Jeans jumpsuit

Kindly email me at ms.lynettee@gmail.com for more enquiries - measurement & price ..
Tips :

(1) Avoid material that will make them feel overheated and trapped.
(2) Cotton and nylon are the best options for dog clothes as they will allow your dog’s coat to breath.
(3)Avoid buying clothes in polyester as it will make your dog feel uncomfortable and suffocated
(4) While shopping, remember to buy clothes that fit to the body of your dog.
(5) Also make sure that the clothes you buy do not shrink after a wash.
(6) Buy gender-specific clothes, for female dogs you can choose from girlie frocks and tops while for male dogs you can choose from a variety of shirts.
(7) Clothes will not only make your dog look pretty, it will also protect it from scratches and cold weather if they are sleeping in aircond room

Hope it helps and have fun dressing up your dog ;p

- The End -


amynaree said...

pet clothes are always so cute!! i love dressing up little dogs and cats hehe

Lynette said...

LOL ! Yeah.. The clothes are irresistibly lovely and cute.. Can't find a reason for not buying for them..

Yep, its fun dressing up them like a dolls.. Ribbons/Accessories/Dog Collars and etc.. *Excited*