Feb 2, 2010

Best Gift Ever

This year wild-weekend-burfday-celebration will be putting on 'HOLD' as I m a little too tired with Emails/Invitations/Cupcakes/Catering and RSVP. After all, I think I just lost the mojo to celeb, maybe that's the symptom of being "Old (Hard slap on forehead)and something tells me the birthday means more to small kids than me.. t4 this year, I just need a simple celebration, no birthday party was organized, no friends were invited, just me and my family =)

Seriously, my nerves wreck stronger and stronger every time I turned One year older
I told my mother I really hate growing up
and she laughed at me!
she told me that 20s is actually the best time in one’s life
to me, i think it has to be 18 years old
not an adult yet, and no longer a teenager
20(s) year old is definitely not a good age for me..

You know what I love about Burfday week ?
  • The constant surprises
  • The nice things people say or do
  • The little things that touched me or made me smile
  • There were nice words written and wonderful email sent and just a wonderful vibe of care from the people in my life, including y'all. Thank you for that

Pst! Thanks for all your letters/cards *big watery eyes*
All of u deserve a bear hug from me *hugs*
You melt my days =)

Oya, my dear bra-ther and sis-ther,
I don't mind u sending me this too... *evil grins*

Jap Snacks
*Picture stolen from SweatLee*

or cupcakes.. Yum~

as much as i know that i’m putting on weight but URGH!!!
i just CANT stop EATING!!

- The End -


kenwooi said...

the twenties are definitely much more fun.. haha.. you'll enter uni life and then have more fun.. happy birthday!.. and wow, really many cards.. =)


Lynette said...

Thankiu ;)