Feb 23, 2010

Ox to Tiger Year

Happy Chinese New Year !!
The year of the Tiger has proved to be a challenging one.
We’ve just crossed the line from the Ox to the Tiger.

Phew! CNY is almost over but i’m still so into holiday mood
I wanna eat, eat and eat.. non-stop eating,
cookies, drinks, chocolates, peanut, yue sang n etc...
FYI I havent been drinking H2o for the past 2 weeks..
Thats what I lurve about CNY !!!

Failure moment

That day I asked my mum
"Can i go back to sleep and wake up on the first day of Chinese New Year again??
You know what she did ?
Walk away... without answering me... FML ;((

Thats all for today, time to prepare RED BRA for tonight's mahjong session *wink wink*
Wish me luck *muakx*

- The End -

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