Feb 19, 2010

Happy Tiger Year 2010 *roar*

Hello all! I'm here wishing everyone of you a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Tiger, stay healthy, gain more wealth, have a wonderful and successful year ahead.

and Happy Belated Valentines day!!!



Chinese New Year for me is all about food, food and lotsa food ;p Not forgetting family reunion, house visiting, red packets, almond cookies, pineapple tarts (my all time favourite!!), love letters, sweets, gamble, packet drinks, barbequed pork and juicy bite sized mini mandarin oranges.

FYI I'm wearing ALL my pretty new clothes EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! I keep changing 2 different outfits a day in Malacca and I think I can still manage to wear new clothes during CNY and after CNY *Grins happily*


Pst: Lately I'm so addicted to Polarize Application in my Iphone. T4 from now onwards, all my pictures will be in Polaroid mode ;p Tee-hee

- The End -


wen pink said...

Happy Chinese New Yearm girl :) And Happy Belated Valentine's Day! :)

Lynette said...

Happy Tiger Year and belated Valentines Day *hugs*