Nov 5, 2007

Big fat piggy is ZZzzzZzzzzzZzz!!

I’m awake ridiculously early
on my day off
but don’t worry, it’s all for business purposes
oh and I fully intend to go back to sleep
you see, it’s the JMU talk today so
I doesn’t had to be up bright and early.
but I got up, too, to start working on my early retirement plan *snort*

been sitting in front of my laptop for more than 12 hours
*if im nt wrong*
But I’m still way too sleepy
Can’t even open both of my eyes

I am ridiculously tired.
even though there are a crapload of laundry to finish folding & put away
I’m going to sleep
I’ve been a ridiculously busy bee today. I think I deserve an early afternoon nap
Taaa !!

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