Nov 7, 2007


I confess, I'm a donut aficionado, err fanatic, err addict... whatever I am
AaaAaaH~~ sweet good donuts...
Eeemmm~~~ yummy!!!!
If you dont want to drool dont look further,
photos can tempt you a lot!...giggles !!

I have been looking the boxes non stop since my mum bought it home.
I am not hungry and I feel full but my mouth is craving for it so I end up sliding my hands inside the box and grabbing one donut at a time... *winkz*

If I gain 5 pounds for eating uncontrollably I will surely regret eating this way but hey...
its not every day I get to eat this sweet treat!

ooooooiiiiiiissssssshhhhhiiii !!

UH OH.... i finished a box!....
well there is more....
hhmmm yummy.....

Ohhh~~ I want more !!
I dream of the donuts Even thou im sleeping
I could smell the donuts
Inside my mouth
That is why I doesn’t want to brush my teeth this morning *snort*

Ew, gross
*I am*

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