Nov 6, 2007

i'm fat and lazy *snort*

Well, “life is more or less the same, the usual mundane shit but I'm fine.”

Too many stuff to be bothered about, leading to this hiatus.

pardon me for this long post coz I simply have too many things to talk about.

College has started for about four weeks but my mood remains the same.
I'm a lazy bummer and this is a fact that I agree with my both hands up.
I'm lazy, i'm fat, i'm short, I'm a procrastinator,
I'm a dreamer, I'm a PIG *snort*
I'm constantly flooding my pea brain with crazie ideals,
floating in self-induced reveries.
Hence, I'm just plain lazy,
somebody really has to kick my ass hard to make me awake and bury myself in more important things in life.

This isn't making sense at all, the cuckoo side of my pea brain must be dictating what I'm doing right now. Isn't it better, being nonsensical is part of being a true blue piggy and since I'm the QUEEN of the piggy association, I have to be a model example. *snort*

anyhoo, Lectures have been more enjoyable now,
it is less excruciating since this is the last semester if
I’m able to pass every single paper in this semester

Haha I wish.
And I hope my wish will come true….


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