Nov 5, 2007

Piggy anGel *snort*

I haven’t been sleeping well
Not too sure why

I have heaps of stuff left to do
like start doin my thesis,
finish packing up my room,
crapload of laundry to do,
n yada yada yada

U see, when you dont sleep well
you end up tired all the time,
it makes it harder to do everything else
I spent most of today trying to sleep because
I was too tired to do anything else.
Im still tired now,
but I dont know if I will be able to sleep.

People keep asking me what my plans are.
I really have no idea what I am doing,
it scares me, it is
I have heaps of options, but no plans.

I just dont know.
Im not good at looking after myself, not in any sense
I want to be bailed out, but thats not going to happen.
I need to learn to be an adult.

I just dont understand why am I so lazy
and stupid -_-lll
Crapz, I don't have any idea on my thesis !!

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