Nov 15, 2007

Siao char bor - I am *snort*

Some1 asked me how am I goin to stop being crazie
Moi : No idea
I noe how to be siao *snort*

Siao recipe :-
Getting siao is actually very easy – how easy? Very easy lorr ~~~~
All you need to do is to act differently from the way you are…
When ppl realize u act differently then
Everybody else will immediately think you have gone SIAO
People like me, doesn’t need to act differently bcos I am different from the others
That’s y they say I born cacatly ~ lose 1 screw in my brain -__-lll *cruel*

Most of the time, no1 seems to understand my original thought
All the times, no1 could understand ‘me’
They said I alwiz talk something which no1 seems to understand *sob*
But on the other hand, when I try to act normal..
They are widely and strongly considered I am superb SIAO

So there's really nothing to it. Getting crazy is a piece of cake.
Believe me - I've done it a number of times.

- To be continue -

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