Nov 27, 2007

Moi ambition

I spent most of my time day-dreaming ��� day-dreaming of wad I���m going to do in the future
and I really mean it....

I have a long list of what-to-be
i wanna be an air stewardess..
I wanna be a tour guide
I wanna be a kindergarten teacher
I wanna be a Singer
I wanna be a music or lyric composer
i wanna be a interior designer
i wanna be a fashion designer...
i wanna be a lawyer.. lawyer buruk
i wanna be an actress..
I wanna be a lady boss
i wanna be a tai tai... �� leng tai tai ^__^ (I noe, I noe.. I very ���Mou tai chi��� ma) *snort*

Sounds crazie huh ? I didn���t realize tat I���m tat ambitious -_-lll
I know I cant be everything
but at least i try to be something...
Better then nothing...
So...its time to set my goal...
Which im tryin real hard to get...*I guess*

But it is HARD

I change my mind every time I saw a new HK , Korea or Taiwan drama series
I wanna be a doctor after I watched the ���Healing Hands���
I wanna be a lawyer after I watched the ���Survival Law���
I wanna be a police after I watched the ���Forensic Heroes���

I wanna be a teacher after I watched the GTO
I wanna be an insurance agent after I watched the ���Love Guaranteed���

I wanna be an archaeologist after I watched the ���The Biter Bitten���
And lots more ���..This is what they describe as 3-minutes-ambitious *snort*

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