Nov 19, 2007

Gigantic fuckfest *snort*

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Rough day, my people.
I slacked this morning, because, well, because there was no classes.
But I forgot there’s a grp discussion goin on today
Things doesn’t turn up well
I'm so fucked up, I wonder if I'll keep myself alive until next week
*GrrRrrrr~~~* high functioning fuckup
I might puke on one of the members

I can sense that he/she enthusiastic telling me
Look you fucks, I'm not joking. I'm in charge and you're going to fucking listen
Moi : Yeah Yeah! Fucking shut up, you pathetic fucks!

Things getting more n more fucked-up now.
They could become fucked-up in a couple of days and weeks
especially at the start of December.
The most fucked-up part is that I don't give a flying fuck.
It's not fuckin' bothering me!
Along with all this fucked-up-ness,
there's so much non-fucked-up-ness to look forward to,
which could become even more fun if my brain gave me some ideas to implement.
Sprinkle a dash of motivation to do certain things, and there'd be nothing better.

- 5 hours meeting -

Does anything get resolved?
Not really.
We all just get temporarily "un-fucked." Then we just get all fucked up, again.
Everyone in the world knows me is fucked.
How am I going to stop this gigantic fuckfest ?

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