Jun 8, 2009

17 again..

Its been months i ever stepped into the cinema
and the last time i went were with my sorority sista + Peter (the Gay partner),
watching "The Uninvited"
we're fighting + quarreling all the way to cinema and even
while we're queuing up for tics
debating to watch which movies
Peter wanna watch Bohsia, Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam
Net wanna watch Coming Soon,
Yinnie wanna watch The uninvited, and
Wen wanna watch New Police
wasting all our energy, saliva and time
end up.. we had no other choices than to choose "The Uninvited"
bcos tickets were all SOLD OUT !


and this weekend i watched '17 again'...
with bear and kiddo

Well, this movie is all about a former high school basketball star
who gets a second shot at life when he's miraculously transformed
into a teenager and offered the opportunity to redefine his future.
When he discovers that by attempting to recapture his best years
he could risk losing all the best things he ever experienced in life,
the time comes to make a decision that could have a drastic impact
on both his past and his future

Then today I starts thinking about the decision that he made,
and what is the best decision that I ever made. *sigh*
How i wished there's a janitor who can bring me back to the past
I hope I'm able to do whatever I can before its TOO LATE

The truth that many people never seems to understand,
until it is too late,
is that the more you try to avoid suffering the more you suffer
because smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you
in proportion to your fear of being hurt

- The End -


alexander said...

oh man! u describe me as 'kiddo' ...

Lynette said...

U r a kiddo !!! thats the fact !!
wah ha ha ha ha ~~~~