Jun 14, 2009

Foolish Net

Everything's gone !
Nothing had left behind !
Its just like the glitter apple that he gave me
Gone !!
*I finally understand why he sent me the apple*
The magical effects that just last for 7 day
I thought it will last forever if i kept it nicely
but I'm wrong!
yea, i tried to comfort myself with lies.. again, and again
and i know i can't forever staying in the world of lies
anyhoo, memories has become memoirs
and I'll forever remember the day we met, we're in love and etc
and I promise I won't be looking back anymore!!
*sigh* happy moment doesn't seems to last..
ain't ya ?

O ya, I've throwed away the letter that I've been written for 3 days
cos i know it doesn't mean anything at all for now
and i know he'll starts ignoring me like how he did
for the past 2 months
so I'm not going to pressuring him nemore
I promise !!!
You know, I'll do whatever just to keep you "Happy"
Take care !

and i am very sure that my next one will be the one
I'm tying my knot in the next 2 years

*so wish me luck!!*

Thank you note :

First of all, I wanna thanks Mr. Hew for the SMS
*Remember this ?!!*

"If i was given a chance, I hope I'm the one who love you more than i love myself, I'm willing to pamper u with gentleness, sincerity and encouragement. If you need someone to talk to, I'm just a phone call away. People once asked me, what is the most important things in your life ? I replied, my friends, my family and of cos the one im gonna spend the rest of my life with. Are you the one who gonna be the one who willing to share problem and overcome it with me ? I promise I don't lay my hand.
** Hmm! Sounds familiar ?! **

N i wanna thanks all my bitch(s) for accompany me for
movies, karaoke, drinking and tea-ing for 5 days a week..
Thanks Boon and Benny for Zanzi..
Thanks Kenny for slapping and waking me up
and bring me to Psr Malam -_-lll for "chao tau fu"
Thanks Shawn for being my listener
Thanks to everyone who cares me
Thanks "X" who called me every single nite til 3a.m
Thanks "BK" for cocobanana -_-lll


Announcement : I'm selling my Iphone..
anyone interested ?


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