Jun 22, 2009

Shabu Shabu

Gee, percentage of my blog readers dropped to 90 unique views
per day just becos i didn't update my blog that often
So i shall just post some photo(s) of
yummy-o-licious and deli-o-licious thingy/food
to seduce the old and new readers to my unglam blog.. teehee

Here it goes
(Pst : Kindly open your eyes big big)

This is one of the "eat all you can" shabu shabu rest.
in Bangkok..

and last but not least
its me and himsee, how shy was him til he need to cover his face with camera
(he is just so CUTE.. muakx)
and if i force him, he will always hide behind of me
hence, my face is forever bigger than him -___- lll

at last i found a more proper one..

(Thats the last pic of me and him)
Treasure this pic to bits


Suddently I decided to post some of the pics of me and JS
maybe this would be the last time he'd be appearing on my blog


Us getting closer and closer by time

but failing apart in the 3rd yr *sigh*
and I just love to capture every single second of me and him
so that i can insert in our wedding slides

I've once complained to him that i hate his bulu kaki
(SO deesssguuussting ~~)
but now, i'm missing it like hell..
I missed the way I pull his curly curly disgusting bulu kaki
and he goes "OUCH, pain lorh".. teeheeThats me, disturbing him driving..
see, i just can't resist myself to be far away from him
(even if I'm sitting at the back)
Aww, i missed his annoyances
see, he just love to disturb me while im bz camwhoring

Thats us acting cute
pst~ can you grab me forever
yes, as similar as how he grab me in this pic
and I missed the way he lay himself on me
Us on holiday but too bad
we doesnt had any 1 on 1 holiday trip b4
And he is also my posing consultant secretly.. private mia
so dia milik wak punya .. *evil grins*
(Check out his pose yang GLAMOUR..uhu uhu) People said when you're kissing with your true soul mates,
you'll automatically lift up your leg.. either left/right
and here I am lifting up my leg altho we're not kissing in this pic
See ! ain't we're a PERFECT couple ? teehee
but its ady a past tense..
Manja-ness strikes when his around me..
WOKAY, its my turn, hiding my chubby fat face behind him
and I'll tied him up beside me
so he'll stay with me forever and ever
Remember ! No matter how tired I am,
I'll protect u like a guardian angel ...
Yep, no matter how tired am i..
I'll protect u from far.. physically and mentally..its jus like how you protect me from this golden retriever

I'm jus like those princess in the fairytale
No one can tahan my princess attitude and LOVE my imperfections
as how u DO

I missed biting you til my teeth bleed -____-lll

Well, it's really not easy getting over a relationship of 3 years++.
What's making it worse is that we are no longer going to be talking
Let's end the3 yrs r/s with a nice cute pics of me and JS..
Let him miss my cute rabbit teeth.. uhu uhu~
Well, no one understands how much J means to me. 3 years ain't THAT long....
but what we went through was one hell of a roller-coaster ride.
He was my machi, my love and hate boyfriend.
I even planned to marry him.
He's the only person in the whole wide world who knows me
inside out and outside in
He's the only person whom i dare to be extremely bad thou,
its just becos that



Friends had been introducing friends of their friends to me
but I'm not interested
mayb becos I forget that i'm no longer attached to JS
*poke my stupid head*
they said i should not lock myself in the room
should expose myself more, knowing more friends
so I followed them for trip, movie and drink..
keeping myself busy and occupied..

Maybe time really will help me to forget the past..
as he seldom/doesnt contact me anymore,
the image and the memories seems fading off in every seconds,
maybe thats a good news for him
as I'll stop bugging him to get back with me
by bringing up all the amazing stuff we once had.
Because it won't help....
I know u'll said what's done can't be undone.

- The End -

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