Jun 17, 2009


Outfit of the day :

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Turquoise Corsage Garden, Velvet Ribbon


I'm not, I'm not a horse, I'm a pig.. wokay ?! -___- lll
Few weeks ago, people has been asking me why am I so stubborn
They proclaim that I'm stubborn because ?
I belief that one day we're able to get back together
Ain't it's absolutely normal trying to save a relationship
while I'm still love him ?
WELL, BUT HE DOESN'T, so wake up you pig head..


Well, i know splitting up has been a difficult decision
Clearly I would like to work things out with him and
move forward into a better and more fulfilling relationship.
Conflict in a relationship is normal
and when we found the right ways to manage the conflict,
the relationship can be richer

I belief with maturity(after the breakup)
comes the ability to keep things in perspective.
When you are more emotionally mature,
automatically we're able to create
a relationship that works for both of us,
rather than both of us being so needy and clingy and so isolated!
However, I think can overcome anything and everything easily from now on,
becos I've experienced a painful breakup, awful fight, or huge misunderstanding

For me, love is rare and precious
So if I've already met the love of my life,
but something has gone wrong, then I shud repair it
Although its too late, but I belief in fate!
Everyone says it ain't gonna happen.. *slap me*
But i belief that if I still have the hope, then there is something I can do.

Yep, it's been a while and I'm still wish that I could have him back,
We split up over plain misunderstandings
or minor problems that are fixable.
Obviously, people thought it would have been better if I'd never broken up.
(Wrong, I think if i never go thru this,
I wouldn't know how hurt and how sad he was when he was with me,
treating him like a rag doll carelessly tossed this way and that)

But I belief our breakups aren't permanent *slap me twice*
Anyhoo, we had break up although I don't really mean it
(and yet you're serious)

After the break-up I came to him asking to get back together
and he told me "no". I'll followed his wishes and attempted to move on.
I think that's the kindest thing I can do for him is walk away..
so I don’t and won't hurt him any further.
Although we were "Friend" but he doesn't want to see me anymore.
giving me lotsa lotsa excuse
Therefore I never put any hope on it anymore
A phone call once in a blue moon is more than enough..

How i wish i can stay forever in my dream..
Sleeping right beside of him listening to his heartbeat every morning
on our Extra King Size Bed.. wheee~~~
kissing your forehead every morning
and maybe a short, warm and sensual make out *slap me thrice*
-____- lll
Maybe you're right, its time for me to wake up !!!!!

WAKE UP !!!!!

P/s : How I wish the god may answer my prayer..
Although I know he isn't as eager to get back together how I am.

- The End -

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