Jun 11, 2009

Disappoinment strikes

Had been dressing slovenly nowadays
Colleagues complaining that i wore pyjama to work -_-lll
Am i ?!
Check it out
Outfit of the day :

Cardigan : Korea
Plain long top : Sg.Wang
Grey Legging : M2M, Sg. Wang

Yep, been dressing in plain for the past 2 months
Legging, plain long tops, cardigan and la la la...
So today, i'll get rid of my lazily slipshod
by dressing nicely to work

Ruffles dress

and tonight i've a date ... Whee~~~

Black Spag : FOS

Image 1

Image 2
Which one better ?! Image 1 or 2 ?

Anyhoo, dinner cancelled!
Wat2do, work is always that important... *sigh*
Luckily i'm a very understanding person.. teehee
so i'm not angry but just a lil bit disappointed..

so i just end up camwhore at home.. whee~
Queen of camwhore is back in action again!!!
jeng jeng jeng jeng~

P/s : Pls tell me that you stil care about me!

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