Jun 25, 2009

Under Home Quarantine!

Net is down with fever

Feeling really unwell in the office,
Net was seriously ill, shortness of breath,
headache, cough and flu *sneeze*
Colleagues were shoo-ing me away, urging me to see doctor..
they are so WORRIED about ..... H1N1 influenza, not me *sigh*
To those who know me, they knew that
I am dead scared of going to doctors
I haven't been to clinic or hospital for years
But this time, I make it
I went to the clinic alone, yep, by myself *Proud*
Explaining to doctor my current condition *Proud x2*
Wait for my medicine and pay by my own *Proud x3*
Whee~ I'm a big girl *Proud x4*


Conclusion : the amount of annoyance sickness
and pain bring is terrible.
*sigh* I hate it when I'm sick and I'm all alone at home

So after a long consideration,
Net decided to hire a full time male nurse..

Requirement :
1. First of all, you need to be a hawt and sexy muscular guy
2. 180 cm tall
3. 9 inches long ... ahahaha *JK*
4. Strong and healthy!!

Gee, im such a pervert
-___- lll


Update : 2 hours later..
Die, demam tak turun-turun lagi
Am i going to die ?!!


Outfit of the day :

(To work)(After work)

I always love those clothes whereby it's suitable
for work, shopping, movie, and dinner too
and i called it *Multi-function-wears*

Yep, Net is back into the mood to dress nicely to work
and on 24/7 stand-by mode *God knows why*

And today's theme is : Zebra
*Damn, why am i so sucks in giving title*
anyhoo, ignore the title and back to topic
well, Imma jus love stripes..
I've plenty of clothes in stripes, big stripes, small stripes, wavy stripes,
blue stripes, black stripes, red stripes, whatever stripes
as if i'm living in jail..

Let me share some of my fav fashion wear
(Source from Chictopia)

(Source from : Jing, vanilla-whites) (Source from Tongue and Chic)Thats all for today!

- The End -

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