Jun 16, 2009

Home alone

Outfit of the day :
Top : Long stripes blouse, Sg. Wang
Pant : Thrifted


Yesterday I was "Home Alone" all by my own *Proud*
Yeaps, I'm no longer a princess who can't take care of my own
*Double proud*
Eventually i prepared my dinner all by myself
*Triple proud*
I know you 'DO'
*evil grins*

After my not-so-yummylicious dinner,
I sat right in front of my lappie
stalking all the blogshops,
hoping from blog to blog
(yep, shopping compulsive strikes again *happy* )
Saw lotsa "want-to-buy" clothes
but its all reserved and non-restockable *hate it*
esp Ugly Duckling

FIY, I'm craving for a nice blazer since century
but I couldn't get the size that i want at Zara Pavillion and 1 Utama
so i decided to search online
hence that day i saw this from

Dainty Dresser
(Been thinking and thinking and thinking til its OFS~ Grr)

The Stylish Bunny
(Out of stock too)

Last but not least,

(I've been waiting and stalking her blog from 8p.m til 9.30p.m)
Luckily I'm managed to purchase it... Phew~

and today i bought another blazer from Chance

Taadaa ! I bought the White one.. Whee~
Gee, I am freaking happy til i'm so hungry..
-___- lll


Few days ago, colleagues complaining that i wore
too "chin chai" to work
and now they're complaing
that i wore too nice and sexy~ to work.. grrrr~
Accusing me that i'm trying to seduce male mamalia in the office
No time la dey !!
I'm thinking of my sales commision only ~~
so that i can SHOP more.. teehee


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