Jun 9, 2009

Today i decided to post a gift that i received from "him"
(a guy who i met last week)
He thought that I'll threw it away or etc
But i never eva think/plan to throw it
So i decided to upload and post it my blog

Pst: Thanks ! and i like it very muchie !


Waiting is painful.
Forgetting is painful.
But not knowing which to do
is the worse kind of suffering.

so I've decided to move forward
Wheee ~~~
No more PMS 3xtimes a month -_-lll

So i am fully prepare for the next relationship
and here is my bf requirement :

a man who knows how to love me of what I am and who i am
a man who pampers me with something that money can't buy
a man who can be my listener whenever i need someone to talk to
a man who loves me and even my family and his.
a man who will share his problem to me than keeping it to himself.
a man who will maintain and overcome if problem exist in a relationship than to run away
a man who'd never lay his hand on other woman
a man who loves me with no doubts.
a man who can make me loves him like there's no yesterday

If your interested to apply for this position, kindly email me your
background information, picture and etc

- The End -

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