Jun 26, 2009

Current Update

Current update : Fever never gone down,
and I'm starving.. *sob*

No lunch, No food, No family, No nothing..

Still not feeling well, I've a sinus of headache and my muscles are sore
and yet I'm sitting here blogging
Well, I just worried that I doesn't have the chance to blog anymore
By that time, no more stupid nonsense post appearing in my blog
No more the Net the clumsy pig,
No more http://onewingangelic.blogspot.com

Its raining heavily now, and i don't think that
I'm able to drive to the clinic now
I guess i shall just wait another 6 more hours til my mum/dad are back..

I suddenly feel so release now..
Maybe that's the bestest way for me!!
May GOD bless Me !

Last but not least, another outfit of the day :
Turtle Neck Peach Dress : F21

Ain't this dress suitable to ROB the bank ?
Yep, we may cover our fugly face with the turtle neck,
Ak47 and bazooka hiding in my dress
Bomb hiding in my lacey sexy Bra.. teehee
and kidnap all the muscular security guard to be my sex slave,
and I'm going to slowly enjoy it every single night til im bored..
*poke my stupid head*
I guess, I'm sick till I'm a little bit psycho..
so I think i should cut the crap, and get back to rest

- The End -

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