Jun 27, 2009

A lesson to love..

*Inspired by Le Love*

Can you love me till my heart STOPS?
Yeap, you're all I NEED ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Do you know when I know I am loved the most ? is when i'm waking up right beside you,
hair tangled, stinky breath
and I'm nuzzle in your nook..
Down the path, we fight like no one's business
but it wouldn't be LOVE without the FIGHT
and I'm SORRY if i hurt you .. i'm so SORRY but I LOVE YOU
Pls, allow me to blindfold you with LOVE and kissing you every single day..A kiss at the sidewalk A kiss down the road
A warm and fuzzy sunset kiss and today we make out.. I'll wear the TOP, and u wear the BOTTOM

A little bit closer please.. Lovely and quiet ..
I can sleep the whole night on his arm and
when he links his fingers with mine,
I feel so complete
I just couldn't ask anything more..Please Do Not Leave Me..All I want is..
Hold me tightly PLEASE !

- The End -


Anonymous said...

for some reason, i like this the most! the feeling is so strong, sad, sweet... its seem so easy but all of us know that how hard it is. And all those picture real bring a very strong feeling for me about... LOVE

Lynette said...
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Lynette said...

Yeaps, me too !
I love this post the most, and it almost had madw me in tears.

Love can sometimes be magic.
But magic can sometimes...
just be an illusion.