Jun 14, 2009

Last Fri, I had Shabu Shabu for lunch with Double C
nearby our office
At last we found something to eat than mamak-ing everyday..
but I'm risking my life for this lunch..
almost die of heart attack before I'm able to reached office

Shabu Shabu at Section 2, Wangsa Maju
Rm 11.90 per person
2 choices : Tomyam/Chicken soup
and of cos I'll choose TOMYAM

*Well, not too bad duh!!*

and the next day I went to Secret Recipe with Single C
for tomyam spag
right after we finished our blardy one hour++ task at TBR.. Woot~
Sometimes we just need to pamper ourselves
with some nice and yummy-o-licious food after all the hardship at work
before our salary is drying up end of the month
Rite ?!
And next week, "B" says his bringing me for porridge for lunch... Whee~

Yesterday night, we went to our second home for this -_-lll
Hahahahahaha !!!


Outfit of the day ..

Half Cargi : The street
Tank top : Bkk
Legging : Bkk

Star jumper : Bkk

Jumpsuit : Padini

Gee, I heart jumpers so muchie
I have more than 20 jumpsuits in my wardrobe
*Can you imagine it ??!!*
and I think its time for me to clear some space in my wardrobe
That goes my weekend~~

Update : Was tidying my messy wardrobe
and look what I found
Bra, bra and bra -_-lll
I doesnt know that i have tat much of bra til today.. *sigh*

and i found lotsa thong(s) that i received during my 21 y/0 bday
and i'm wearing it .. *uhu uhu*
*evil grins*

- The End -

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